Will Coronavirus change business activities?

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The current pandemic Coronavirus crisis has served as an eye-opener to many businesses in Scotland, the UK and across the globe, especially with the use of online platforms to increase buying and selling.
There is no doubt that most business which includes, food, events and hospitality have seen massive changes and frustration on many of their services due to the current global situation. Still, this unexpected turmoil has indeed diverted the masses focus on the use of the online platform.
Businesses that still deal with the local selling methods are now forced to engage customers online, and Travel companies are now compelled to follow government 2m rules to enable work. Also, educational institutions moved their services online, and people have now added facemask to their fashion routine.
Now that businesses have no choice to increase online services, delivery options for customers, there will now be an opportunity for more organisation to compete and thrive on e-commerce platforms to engage customers.

The Question is, will this Coronavirus Pandemic change businesses forever?


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