1) Visit SGMart online marketplace to create a vendor account.

2) Once you have been approved as a vendor on the SGMart platform, you can log onto your dashboard.

3 To add a new product, click on the “Add product” icon at the right-hand corner of the product dashboard.

4) Click on “Edit” to change product details and click on delete permanently (In red) to remove product.

5) On the product dashboard, you can add details like the Price of the item, Discounted prices and the dates it should run for, Category, Tags, Brand  (If applicable), Short description of the item and other inventory information.

6) In the description box, it is compulsory you add details of the products such as: The colour, size of item, delivery cost if applicable/ contact details to arrange pick-up.

7) If delivering the item to a customer’s shipping address, please ensure you include the delivery cost in the item’s total price, and the delivery charges must be stated in the product short description section. Otherwise, if you are happy with customers picking up the item from your local address please ensure you indicate your area and contact details in the product short description section (Delivery cost would not be applicable to you in this case).

8) For Local pickup method, please ensure you adhere to the NHS guidelines on social distancing.


Sample Approach in listing an Item on SGMart

Sellers guide

For Partnering Merchants:

Please note that 90% of the sales realised from each item sold on the SGMart platform will go to you (Vendor), and the remaining 10% goes to Sustainable Genius CIC. 

From the 10% commission received by Sustainable Genius CIC, 5% would be used to ensure the smooth running and operation of the SGMart digital platform .The remaining 5% will be donated to a partnering Charity shops/organisation.

For Charity shops interesting in selling on SGMart please contact us for more information at enquiries@sgmart.co.uk

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