Bigger trial of new COVID treatment begins in UK: BBC reported

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Inhaling an interferon beta protein is here to prevent COVID 19 patient from developing severe Illness

According to the BBC UK news today, it was mentioned that a new approach of reducing COVID 19 severe illness have bee rolled out to the masses. It involves inhaling a protein called interferon beta. 

This protein is normal produced in the body when it gets a viral infection.

The ideas behind introducing these proteins are to trigger the body to produce antibodies to boost the immune system needed to fight viral infection.

This treatment was developed at Southampton University Hospital and produced by the Southampton-based biotech company, Synairgen.

According to the BBC, it was noted that a course of treatment with the new drug could cost around £2,000, which is not that expensive for hospital treatment. However, the question is, would the masses be able to pay such amount to get this trial?

“To be viable it will have to represent good value for money,” Synairgen’s ‘chief executive Richard Marsden said.

.Alexandra Constantin, a 34 mother one, was the first person to receive the treatment as part of this new trial after being admitted to the hospital with coronavirus on Monday.

Could this be a sign of new beginning and is there hope for the UK masses?

Credit: BBC UK

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