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We connect online buyers to online sellers around the UK, empowering people and creating economic opportunity for all.

Our online marketplace allows people to explore, sell and purchase discounted household items within their local community.

According to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (2020), the UK statistics on waste in 2018 showed that the UK had a total waste from household generation at 26.4 million tonnes. Scotland generated 2.29 million tonnes of household waste, from which 981 thousand tonnes were recycled, leaving out a larger portion (more than 1.3 million tonnes) to be either incinerated or sent for landfill. 

In order to increase the rate of products re-use, SGMart will help customers to make online purchases at their comfort zone. This action will help reduce landfill activities, carbon emission sources, waste pollution, create jobs, make positive social impacts and decrease recycling-associated carbon emissions to support a safer environment.

We started in 2019 as a community interest social enterprise which connects people and students to discounted household items and services from diverse local businesses, merchants and members of the public, with the intent to drive the reuse of items in good condition and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Our mission is centered on promoting sustainability in our communities, as we believe that our care and concerns for our environment should begin from our very own homes. We are committed to using our passion for environmental sustainability to strengthen communities and empower people.


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Discover SGMart’s Journey​

November 2019
Sustainable Genius CIC launched its Social Media Presence via Facebook and Instagram.
January 2020
Sustainable Genius CIC rolled out a prototype of our e-commerce marketplace.
March 2021
Sustainable Genius CIC launched SGMart.

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